Chamber Services

Import/Export Services

Document Certification/ TradeCert

Apply for certificates of origin, visa letters, representational agreements and other ad hoc documents. Eliminate courier fees and save money through our online document certification platform. Contact: Services Team 613.238.4000 (Ottawa Office)  Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

e-ATA Carnet

Carnets permit the temporary duty-free and tax-free importation of goods into foreign countries, simplify customs procedures, reduce business costs and save time and paperwork. Contact: Carnet Desk 613.238.4000 (Ottawa Office) Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Import Bonds Program

An import bond is obtained when a Canadian business is looking to import product into Canada for consumer/resale purposes and doesn’t have the immediate cash flow to pay duties and taxes upon import. The import bond acts as a type of contract between CBSA, the importer and the surety company to ensure that duties, taxes and fees associated with the importation of goods into Canada, will be paid. Contact: Chamber Business Services,  613.238.4000 (Ottawa Office)| Canadian Chamber of Commerce.