Board of Directors Code of Conduct

1. Although a Director may be drawn from a specific interest group, Directors as a whole, must represent the interests of the entire membership.

2. Directors shall maintain the confidentiality of the details and dynamics of Board discussions, as well as those items designated as confidential.

3. Regardless of their personal viewpoint, Directors shall not speak against, or in any way undermine Board solidarity once a Board decision has been made.  

4. Directors are expected to attend all Board meetings. Directors shall be prepared to commit sufficient time and energy to attend to Chamber business.

5. Directors shall avoid, in fact and in perception, conflicts of interest and disclose to the Chair, in a timely manner, any possible conflicts.

6. Directors’ contributions to discussions and decision making shall be positive and constructive.

7. Directors’ interactions in meetings shall be courteous, respectful and free of animosity.

8. Directors shall know and adhere to the Chamber’s governance policies.

9. Directors shall be prepared for meetings, having read pre-circulated material in advance of the meeting.

10. Directors shall participate in the Chamber in ways other than attending Board meetings, such as committee work, Chamber and community events and membership recruitment.

11. The Executive Director is responsible to the entire Board. Consequently, no single Director or committee has authority over the Executive Director.

12. Directors shall not attempt to exercise individual authority or undue influence over the Chamber, other Directors or staff.

13. Directors must resign if elected to public office (City Council, Regional District, Mayor, MLA, MP, and School District).

14. Directors shall conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner at all times.

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