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Tempest Theatre & Film

Tempest is a black box theatre, film studio and acting school that places an emphasis on original content with a playful and provocative approach to classic and contemporary text.

Seating approximately 70 people, our theatre venue is an intimate yet formidable destination for the South Okanagan’s artistic and cultural communities. Our emphasis is on thought-provoking material that is relevant, engaging and entertaining.

Our mission at Tempest is simple: inspire and enlighten through theatre and film arts. We pursue excellence in storytelling and are thrilled to fuse our pursuits with local artists and businesses. 

Penticton, as a melting pot of artisan culture, is the perfect place for this.

Please join us. 


125 Eckhardt Ave E
Penticton, BC V2A 1Z5



Phone Number:

250-770-7894 (Primary)