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Penticton Seniors’ Drop-In Centre Society

The Penticton Seniors' Drop-In Society operates a 14,000 square foot facility where seniors enjoy over 50 recreational, social and learning activities. The Society is completely self-directed and self funded and operated exclusively by volunteers. With over 1000 members, the Centre is one of the largest centres in the province that is owned and operated by its membership. The centre serves a hot luncheon on Tuesdays and a light lunch five days a week and holds monthly social dinners and dances.

This year, the Penticton Seniors' Drop-In Centre celebrates its 25 anniversary. The city leases a portion of Robinson Park where the seniors' centre is located. The goal of the society is to make the centre affordable and accessible to seniors in the community and surrounding region while addressing abroad range of senior' needs.


2965 South Main Street
Penticton, BC V2A 5J7

Hours of Operation:
9 - 5 weekdays



Phone Number:

250-493-2111 (Primary)