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Penticton Classical Pilates

Our mission is to bring the BEST Classical Pilates to the people of Penticton. Our training is extensive, and our passion is intense. Sharon and Michelle have both completed their Advanced Classical Teacher Training Program. It's the longest, most arduous, thorough and comprehensive training program available to Pilates instructors. The program is well-recognized worldwide as the Gold Standard in teacher training. Our goal is to make every class inspiring, motivational and fun. We don't believe in taking things too seriously, and it shows in the laughter and community feel we have at our studio. Sharon has been teaching for 13 years and owned Penticton Classical Pilates for 5. Sharon and Michelle both specialize in injury prevention, Rehabilitation, and Performance Enhancement. The Classical Pilates Method offers a progressive program to develop functional and balanced strength and flexibility. It is a system of movement that stimulates deep circulation and promotes a heightened sense of body awareness and more precise levels of coordination. This, in turn, helps people of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness heal from existing injuries, prevent future injuries, and reduce, or potentially alleviate, chronic pain. With a focus on the mind/body connection, Pilates will improve your stamina, strength, and flexibility, and consequently the efficacy of everything you do! Most recently we have opened a new division in our studio for Athletes called "Mobility for Athletes."


201 Okanagan Avenue East
Penticton, BC v2a3j8

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm



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