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oGo Float

oGoFloat is a home based float studio built to superior industry standards. Providing genuine and consistent float experiences from a duo of knowledgeable floaters. We have 2 float tanks, each holding 800lbs of Epsom Salt dissolved into 11" of filtered water allowing you to float weightlessly on the surface. The float environment is designed to allow your brain to take a break from processing the constant external sensory input of daily lives. This distraction free environment is an ideal place for healing, meditation, problem solving, and so much more.

Floating is popular among entrepreneurs, health care workers, athletes, pregnant mama's, consciousness seekers, and anyone dealing with muscle tension, stress, or burnout. It's a versatile practice offering relief from chronic pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, and anxiety while improving sleep, well-being and serenity.

Take relaxation to the next level; Relax Harder at oGoFloat.


144 Chambers Place
Penticton, BC V2A 6T7

Hours of Operation:
By Appointment



Phone Number:

250-488-2930 (Primary)