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Mystical Meanderings

Mystical Meanderings is a metaphysical mobile truck business near you. Follow my journey as I renovate a workhorse van into a calm, tranquil place where you can find an abundance of uplifting, healing, and transformational tools to bring joy to your life and your loved ones. Through intentional and careful sourcing, I strive to bring in a variety of products to support you on your spiritual journey, with a carefully hand selected array of crystals, tarot/oracle cards, books, journals, candles, smudges/incense & much more. My goal at Mystical Meanderings is to provide a safe, peaceful space for people to discover tools for their own spiritual expansion, emotional wellness and healing.


Penticton, BC V2A 1B7

Hours of Operation:
M-Th. 11-3PM



Phone Number:

778-888-4262 (Primary)