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Maison Mulnati

Maison Mulnati provides very high quality vegan chocolates made on site using only organic fruits, mainly from the okanagan Valley, to support and promote the richness of the region. Making everything from scratch allows us to control the sugar used and reduce it as much as possible to enhance the real flavors of the noble ingredients. All our nuts or seeds are activated (soaked overnight to remove the indigestible enzyme that avoid the seeds from sprouting and act as an anti nutrient, rinced and dried at low temperature to find the crunchiness). We prepare dark ganache paired with different fruits, flavoured ganache with real ingredients not artificial flavors or extracts, marzipan, gianduja or bars with activated nuts and dehydrated fruits and so on. We don't use any preservatives nor artificial colouring. We focus on the taste and the healthiness of our treats. We also propose different kinds of short breads you will never find elsewhere.


756 Eckhardt Avenue West
Penticton, BC V2A 2B7

Hours of Operation:
tuesday to friday 10 to 5, Saturday 10 to 4



Phone Number:

7785818283 (Primary)