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Legacy Den

The last remaining pieces of Dennis Winkelman’s life work are on display and for sale to the public. Dennis died in January 2019, and now his son Dean is sharing the last remaining pieces of his work in a new store on Penticton's Main Street called Legacy Den. Dennis was a trapper, hunter, rancher, blacksmith, saddle builder, carver and artist. His work was all made by hand — forged in fire, carved from bone, diamond willow and other natural materials.

“This is truly seeing my dad through the window of his heart. It is a bit of an emotional experience but my main objective to open Legacy Den was to honour my dad as a Canadian artist and to gain some providence for him” owner Dean Winkelman.

On display also are original photographic works by Dean Winkelman. The long-term dream is that as the works of Dennis Winkelman are sold, it will make way to welcome other artists to the Legacy Den - Creative Collective.


441 Main St
Penticton, BC V2A 5C4

Hours of Operation:
10am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday

Phone Number:

250-306-6595 (Primary)