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Ideal Fit Stop combines two beasts for Denise (Bowering); Power Plate fitness and recovery, and Ideal Protein products and protocols.

Power Plate fitness or recovery programs help by very rapidly increasing improvement across the board with; nephropathy, HGH, Serotonin, weight loss and maintenance, cellulite reduction, tissue and bone repair, lymphatic flush, stretch capacity, strength improvement, core and balance, and the massage component is like a weeks vacation ☺

Ideal Protein is a four phase protocol built by Doctors, (originally for athletes) to reduce body fat, retain and build lean mass.

There are several other impact, safe and cost effective therapy services, like Light Therapy, that offer benefits such as; anti-aging for the skin, and body, including also, the immune system. With Yamuna (YBR) your body therapist works on you to create more freedom in your body.
To unlock locked muscles, break down scar tissue, soften adhesion and those gnarly attachments!


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