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Penticton – Ethimask is a new brand of stylish, reusable protective facemasks that are ethically sourced from manufacturers in Thailand. The brand features two varieties, both of which feature a layer of muslin-cotton for a comfortable fit whilst blocking small particles: A deluxe facemask made from water repellant NUVA 1811 cotton-silk micron technology to provide extra protection against aerosol droplets, and for those looking for a more affordable option or with sensitive skin, a comfortable 3 layer mask made from muslin cotton complete with a handy pocket for an extra filter. Both products are designed in a way that is both comfortable and fashionable, with simple colours and funky designs to fit all fashion tastes.

Ethimask is a partnership between Martyn Lewis, a licensed BC pharmacist, and Derek Adduono, owner of Redbag clothing in the Cherry Lane mall.


129 Nanaimo Ave West
Penticton, BC V2A1N2

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2504629396 (Primary)