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I started working for Combined 2 years ago. We are an insurance company with a twist. Our company has plans that pay you for a broken ankle or a stitch on your finger. Our accident plan is beyond incredible, you'd have to see it in action to really believe how good it is, and affordable. A lot of our customers already have insurance and thats ok. We want to provide you with a solution to the missing links in your plan. No Waiting periods, no Restrictions and we pay on top of WCB and other private insurances. So if your hurt at work we'll cover the gap. If your hurt dirt biking or rock climbing we'll cover you there. And if Little Johnny gets hurt at the playground well we'll cover him there as well with our great active family discounts. Combined was founded in 1922 has a proven record of paying their claims. It's rated A+ on the A.M. Bets Report and has paid out over $114,000,000 in 2017. Want to see the result, I'm available to chat.


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Penticton, BC v2a-3r1

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