The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce relies on several active, working committees to help advance the goals of the association.
Descriptions and current goals for each committee are listed below.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact:

Kim Kirkham, Executive Director 778-476-3111

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the immediate Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, Executive Director and is chaired by the current
President.  The committee has the power of administration and between meetings of the Board shall control the routine business of the Chamber.

Chair: Neil Wyper (President)

Finance Committee

The committee meets regularly to review and approve monthly financial statements, and puts forward recommendations for the maintenance and improvement of internal controls of the Chamber.

Governance Committee

Chair: Harley Elasoff

Advocacy/Policy Committee

Chair: Don Brown

One Penticton Committee

Chair: Diana Stirling

Nominations Committee

Chair: Julie Read

Tiered Membership Task Force

This task force has the Board mandate to focus on membership categories and how they are serving our members, with the ultimate goal of transition
to a tiered membership system.

Business Excellence Awards Task Force

This task force is in place to review the award categories, business nominations and winner selection process.

OCP Task Force

Education Task Force

Ambassador Committee

Chair:  Spencer Brown

Staff Liaison: Nita Khanal

External Committees

Additionally, the Chamber holds representation on several community committees in order to progress the needs and voice of our membership.  This includes
representation on the following:

Both City of Penticton Community Revitalization Committees
Chamber Representative:  Tracy Van Raes

Transportation Advisory Committee
Chamber Representatives:  Tracy Van Raes, Daryl Clarke

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