• Annual General Meeting                                March 8, 2018                                         


    This proxy is solicited by the Executive of the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. 


    Important Details

    • Only complete this form if you will NOT be attending the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 8th, 2018
    • This form allows you to assign your vote at the Annual General Meeting to either another member or to the chamber’s Vice President
    • To assign your vote, fill in this form and return to Chamber office by 4:00pm on Tuesday, March 6th


    Proxy Statement


    The undersigned, as an individual member of the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, or as the designated voting representative of his/her member company/organization, hereby directs to appoint Julie Read, (Chamber Vice President), or failing her, ___________________________________ (voting member’s name) of ____________________________________________________ (member company), as the proxy of the undersigned for and on behalf of the undersigned to attend, vote and act in respect of all matters that come before the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at 5:15pm at the Shatford Centre 760 Main Street Penticton, BC for the purpose of voting on Chamber Issues.



    Signature of designated voting representative on behalf of member company/organization



    Print Name



    Print Name of Company/Organization





    Please return completed form no later than noon on Thursday, March 8th, 2018

    Please contact 778-476-3111 should you have any questions

    Email: events@penticton.org   Chamber Office: 102 Ellis Street