The ABC’s


    The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit, member based association serving the greater Penticton business community.  They say you are not truly ‘in business’ until you are a member of the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce and we couldn’t agree more!


    Membership in the Chamber is a valuable investment that can provide real tangible benefits.  The simplest way of getting what you need from your Chamber membership is to know your ABC’s!


    A for Advocacy! 

    Your Chamber has an incredible track record of advocating on behalf of members and our success stems from member input.  Grounded in a grassroots analysis of business issues from our members, the Penticton Chamber develops progressive policy solutions and champions them to municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.  Policy actions in recent years from your Chamber have resulted in positive change for Penticton area businesses.


    B is for Benefits! 

    In this package you’ll see a comprehensive list of benefits exclusive to Chamber members.  Discounted office supplies, low rates on point of sale machines, fleet discounts on gasoline, Group Health and Dental Insurance, Chamber Member Discount program, and much more!  We are constantly researching new benefits to add to help you save money in your business!


    C is for Connections!

    We offer many events throughout the year to give you an opportunity to network and connect with other members and community leaders.  From our popular bi-weekly Business after Business events, our Annual Business Excellence Awards, monthly business seminars, bi-annual luncheons and more, we offer our members exclusive opportunities to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of Penticton.


    But the connections don’t end there!  As a member of the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, your network expands to include the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  These connections bring more benefits to you and stronger advocacy on both the provincial and federal levels!


    D is for Distinction!

    The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber has been around for 109 years and counting, even longer than our City Council!  Membership carries status and recognition in the community.  Many of our members display our logo proudly and in support of their own marketing efforts.  Membership in the Chamber gives you the distinction of supporting the success of our community and offers a level of status and exclusivity unmatched by other professional associations.


    E is for Education! 

    The Chamber hosts lunch 'n' learns, round tables and other educational events throughout the year, featuring expert speakers who focus on various business topics. 



    Please explore our site further to learn about all we do, or sign up now!