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    Neil Squire Society

    Working Together Program

    Connecting Job Seekers with a Disability to Employers

    The Neil Squire Society’s Working Together Program is a wage subsidy employment program for persons with disabilities. The program provides wage subsidy to employers who hire participants.While removing barriers and introducing potential employees to job opportunities, employers will experience the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities.

    The Neil Squire Society will:

    • Subsidize wages for a minimum of six months
    • When needed, we will provide the necessary worksite accommodations
    • Complete the paper work!
    • Provide ongoing support for the duration of the contract


    • Provide an individual with a disability a part-time or full-time employment opportunity with the likelihood of long-term employment
    • Maintain contact with the Neil Squire Society staff and provide feedback to assist in the individual’s professional development

    Advantages to Employers:

    • Eliminate the hiring & training cost of a new employee
    • Experience a reduced turnover rate when hiring someone with a disability
    • Learn the value of hiring an individual with a disability
    • Encourage a more diverse and inclusive working environment
    • An opportunity to learn a positive business case

    Additional Information


    Mindy Rollins

    Government of CanadaThis project is funded by the Government of Canada’s
    Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities