Municipal Policy Efforts


    The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce works diligently to maintain accountability and communication with the City of Penticton as often as possible.  Volunteer Board members are present at each and every City Council meeting, ensuring business interests and Chamber members are represented.  Additionally, this constant presence guarantees that important municipal issues are quickly communicated back to the Board of Directors.


    Furthermore, City Councillors have one (1) non-voting seat at the Board of Directors to act as a liaison between the City and local business.  Currently this role is filled by Councillor Campbell Watt.  Councillors and Mayor Andrew Jakubeit frequently attend Chamber events in order to further develop a collaborative relationship with our Chamber and meet other Penticton business leaders.


    These links help to create a sustained dialogue between the Chamber and the City of Penticton.  On issues of importance to Penticton business and development, the City turns to the Chamber for solutions and we are happy to continue our role as the Voice of Business in Penticton.