• Boardroom Booking Request
    Bookings will be accepted between the hours of 9am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
    Large Boardroom accommodates up to 34 people: $50.00 minimum charge – up to 2 hours, $100.00 up to 4 hours, $150.00 full day over 4 hours plus GST. Small Boardroom accommodates up to 8 people: $10.00 per hour - minimum 2 hour charge and $50.00 per full day plus GST.
    All bookings cancelled within 48 hours of booked event are subject to a $20+GST cancellation fee.
    Room Preference*
    Number of participants*
    Date of Booking Request*
    Booking Request time (to and from)*
    Contact Name*
    Contact Phone*
    Contact email*
    Additional Requirements Projector (no charge)
    Flip Chart (no charge)
    Whiteboard (no charge)
    Coffee ($12.50/pot: makes approximately 10 cups)
    Number of pots of coffee
    Special Instructions
    You will be contacted within five (5) days of your request.